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HPSS and PharmAccess Revives CHF Iliyoboreshwa Campaign Plan in a Different Dimension
Posted on Aug 13, 2020

The quest to conduct CHF Iliyoboreshwa campaign in collaboration of HPSS and PharmAccess has continued by reviving the first plan which was developed early this year. This plan was not fully implemented due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Communication teams from HPSS and PharmAccess met at the HPSS office in Dodoma whereby they agreed to re-programme the plan and strategy by removing some of activities which could not be implemented due to COVID-19 such as the national launch and training of regional government information officers. Emphasis were shifted to on the use of media (radio, TV and printed posters as well as social media) and reallocate more funds for production of additional promotion materials. The team critically reviewed the use of media approaches for promotion and agrees that materials will be effective to reach out the mass and is accommodative during this period of COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the campaign implementation strategy, in the coming days the communication teams from HPSS and PharmAccess will work closely with the PORALG to assist them to internalize and coordinate regions on implementation of the campaign to ensure this campaign successful. Further, the communication teams from HPSS and PharmAccess will participate in the working session for preparation of CHF manual whereby the team will present CHF Iliyoboreshwa campaign plan to the participants and seek their views on the best modality to implement and monitor the campaign and on sustaining it through regional structure.

Recently, HPSS and PharmAccess communication teams met in Dodoma to strategies the implementation of 

CHF Iliyoboreshwa in the country.